The Ins and Outs of freebeat's Lit Bike!

freebeat Featured on Hudson Weekly!

"[freebeat] putting fitness and personal growth first."

The Hudson Weekly publication focuses on tech, finance, lifestyle, and the environment. This July, they wrote a full review of freebeat and the Lit Bike! Their experts got their hands on a Lit Bike and gave it a rigorous test ride before coming to their conclusion. (Hint hint... they loved it!)

The review was featured in The Hudson Weekly's Technology section and praised the Lit Bike for its advanced and high-technical abilities. Not only is the Lit Bike equipped with cutting-edge technology, but the review applauds the bike's performance, design, ergonomics, and affordability. The Hudson Weekly says the Lit Bike is a strong substitute for the exercise bike front runners, outperforming other fitness bikes' costs, features, and designs! Check out the full article to see why they love freebeat!


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freebeat Exercise Bike: Know Before You Buy

When it comes to exercise bikes, we think of high-energy group classes in a hot, sweaty room. Intense instructors and avid athletes, an intimidating scene for newcomers looking to join. Purchasing your own exercise bike may seem like a smart, yet costly alternative. Popular at-home exercise bikes are a significant investment; finding the proper one can be daunting. Live classes? Membership fees? Class styles? Performance level? Many factors go into finding the right bike for your needs.

However, freebeat has simplified this process considerably. freebeat is a company that entered the market with one purpose: to produce fitness products and produce them well – prioritizing the users by making enjoyable and rewarding classes, all at an affordable price. freebeat bikes are tried and true. They’re high quality, immersive, good-looking, and have the same features as other high-end exercise bikes. Better yet, they’re affordable.

freebeat Exercise Bike: Know Before You Buy

Just a few years since freebeat’s emergence, they have already climbed to the top and made waves in the home-fitness industry. They are constantly developing new products and upgrading previous ones. freebeat is distinguished by their bike’s sleek and modern looks plus revolutionary fitness content.

freebeat created a new way of working out with their “gamified” classes. An alternative to following live or set-based classes, these classes offer a tough, energizing, and fun riding experience. Classes are based on the flow of the music – ride to the song’s beat and gain combo boosts and points. Rather than holding a steady RPM for an extended period, a freebeat ride constantly changes with the music. Choose whatever style of music you like; hip-hop, pop, EDM, and so on and ride to the beat.

Classes come in 15 and 30-minute intervals, ensuring you can always squeeze a class in no matter how busy your day is. All the classes are led by freebeat’s “Rockstar Instructors,” who hail from the world’s top cycling studios. In addition to the never-ending course library, freebeat offers weekly and monthly themed challenges. Challenges and competitions bring the riding community together and boost overall morale, putting fitness and personal growth first.

After your cycling class, take a break and swivel the screen to seamlessly join one of the off-bike stretching, barre, HIIT, or cross-training classes included in the membership.

freebeat’s best-selling bike, the Lit Bike, is comparable to the Peloton or NordicTrack bikes. Lit Bike’s retail price is $1,699, but always check the freebeat website as there are always huge sales and promotions. The price includes shipping, parts, a complimentary 45-day membership, and more. After the 45-day trial membership ends, it is $39/month to continue. Compared to gyms or other exercise bikes at this price, the Lit Bike is a front runner for value.

Looking past the beautiful and ergonomic design, we discovered some amazing features on the Lit Bike. Let’s take a closer look.

Swiss designed and engineered with the ultimate attention to detail, delivering a sleek and powerful ride.

The Auto Resistance System adjusts the bike’s resistance to match the instructor’s cue. Focus more on riding and less on adjusting the settings.

Inside the bike’s seat is the Smart Saddle Detection+ sensor, which senses when you’re riding in or out of the saddle, and rewards you points for your hard work.

The massive 22″ Rotatable HD Touchscreen is glare-free, fingerprint-free, and fully rotatable. Rotate it around for more immersive workouts or easy storage.

Installing the Lit Bike is a breeze. It comprises a few major parts and takes less than 30-minutes to assemble. One of the most alluring features of the bike is its mobility and storage ability. Lightweight and compact, quickly roll the bike from room to room and make everywhere your fitness studio.

If you need a workout on your own time, at your own speed, and at the right price, then freebeat is right for you. A perfect substitute for the gym or an expensive exercise bike, freebeat offers a high-quality, performance-driven, and exciting workout experience.