Markets Herald Lit Bike Review!

Markets Herald published an in-depth review of the Lit Bike and its features this July. The article, Lit Bike: Is It Worth It? gave our exercise bike an overall score of 9/10! The magazine reviewed the bike's performance, size, installation, classes, community, price, and membership.

Markets Herald covers all topics, including business, tech, lifestyle, culture, and so much more. freebeat is honored to be reviewed alongside the other outstanding companies and reviews published on this platform!


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freebeat Lit Bike: Is It Worth It?

Score: 9/10

About freebeat

freebeat aims to inspire a wholesome and positive lifestyle for everyone globally. The rockstar instructors help you rediscover the love of working out through their inspiring and exciting classes. All the instructors hail from the world’s most renowned fitness studios and incorporate freebeat’s core values into every class: excitement, authenticity, and sophistication. Free your strength and ride with the beat!


1. On-demand classes

2. Huge course library

3. Competitive price

4. Fun gamified classes


1. Monthly membership

2. No live classes

Lit Bike exceeds expectations. The sleek and beautiful design compliments every room and will push your fitness to the next level. Classes are challenging, rewarding, and, most importantly, a ton of fun. The Lit Bike is a confidence and inspiration booster for those needing a little extra motivation.


Bike Performance

After testing many home-exercise bikes, Lit Bike’s performance sits among the top. The bike can withstand lots of pressure and wear and tear for its size, weight, and price. The spring lift assist makes adjusting the height of the handlebars smooth and easy. Each bike has magnetic resistance, which eliminates just about all the noise. Many bikes at this price will make a “whoosh” noise as the wheel spins and your speed increases, but the Lit Bike remains quiet.

Lit bikes are designed and engineered in Switzerland, a tribute to the bike’s sleek and modern design. All the bikes have an “Auto Resistance System,” which automatically adjusts the riding resistance to the instructor’s suggestion. This feature allows you to focus on the ride without slowing down or taking your hands off the handlebars.

In addition, Lit Bikes are equipped with a seat sensor called “Smart Saddle Detection+.” This is another fantastic and intuitive feature because the sensor tracks when you’re sitting or standing and rewards you extra points for riding while standing. This makes your workout feel like a video game and adds great difficulty to the ride. The massive 22″ HD rotatable touchscreen is hands-down a performance booster. The screen is anti-smudge and anti-glare, making it a standout feature. Many bikes with pads or tablets get covered in fingerprints and are not glare-free, thus making it impossible to see on a sunny day.

freebeat Lit Bike: Is It Worth It?

Size and Dimensions

The size and mobility of the Lit Bike are also worth mentioning. The Lit Bike stands at 49″L x 58″H x 22″W and weighs about 110lbs. The seat and handlebars are both adjustable. It is not locked into the room you assemble it in, as the bike is relatively easy to transport or tuck away for storage. The power cord is also very long, so you’ll never struggle to find a suitable room for the Lit Bike.

The feet and bike stand require a little adjusting (to sit flat on the floor). It’s recommended to place the whole exercise bike on a carpet, towel, or yoga mat to reduce noise and scratches. Putting the bike directly on wood floors might lead to scratches or marks.

Set Up & Installation

At first glance, the large box delivered to your door may seem intimidating. You might think, “am I expected to unbox and assemble this myself?” But it’s actually quite easy. The box is relatively light, and the components are neatly packed inside. Unbox everything and follow the directions for a seamless and straightforward assembly. The Lit Bike was a breeze compared to assembling most build-your-own furniture (shelves, chairs, desks, etc.). All in all, it takes about 20-30 minutes.

freebeat Lit Bike: Is It Worth It?

Classes & Instructors

The Lit Bike requires a monthly membership ($39/month). The membership fee is steep, but it seems like that is the direction most exercise bikes are going in (Peloton and Soul Cycle have similar membership rates). Ten people can register accounts under one membership. Everyone’s account will store their personal progress and class history, as well as recommend classes they might like.

The instructors are highly enthusiastic, energizing, and lead with power. There are tons of music themes and different types of workouts. The course library is vast with 15 and 30-minute classes, not to mention that new classes are always being uploaded.

The classes’ flexible duration fits into everyone’s schedule. Before work, after work, or during a lunch break, you can always squeeze a 15-minute ride in.

However, compared to other memberships at this price, it would be nice to see more live classes or nature-setting rides.

Gamified Classes

freebeat classes are centered around music. The gamified system ranks players based on how well they “stay on the beat” with the music (hence the name freebeat). It’s a different ride compared to other scoring and metric systems that only look at rpm, distance, and calories burned.

The classes add a new element to riding. For example, even not-so-strong cyclists can perform very well on the leaderboard because they enjoy riding to the beat. It’s pretty fun to turn the volume up and follow the music – definitely more entertaining than just following an instructor or listening to your own music.

There are so many genres of music as well. There is absolutely a playlist for everyone with top hits, EDM, rock, or pop.

Growing Community 

A strong and supportive community is key to maintaining a strong image. More established and well-known exercise bike companies already have substantial online followings on Instagram, Facebook, etc. Having a strong social media presence is a great way to share users’ progress, have fun, and hold friendly competitions.

freebeat’s social media community is growing fast on all social media platforms. They have tons of inspiring influencers posting videos and sharing content. Their online presence is very supportive and organic; nothing forced or staged.

freebeat is also constantly running campaigns and giveaways, which are super fun and help build a strong community!

Off Bike Workouts

In addition to the gamified cycling classes, the membership includes HIIT, barre, cross-training, and stretching courses. The screen is fully rotatable, making jumping off and transitioning between workouts seamless. This feature absolutely makes this bike, not just a “bike.”


The Lit Bike is freebeat’s premium exercise bike and is competitively priced at $1,699. This price includes parts, shipping, and a free 45-day membership. The Lit Bike requires a monthly membership ($39/month), and up to 10 people can access one account. freebeat often runs sales and marks their prices down even further, so be sure to always be on the lookout.

Lit Bike’s closest competitors are the Peloton Bike+ ($2,495) and Soul Cycle’s At-Home Bike ($2,500). While they are comparable in features and appearances, the Lit Bike’s discounted price is a bold stand-out. As far as pricing goes, the Lit Bike is by far the most economical. That said, it would be nice to be able to ride without a membership and have the freedom to choose your workout media.

Overall Review

Is the Lit Bike right for you? Hopefully, some of your questions or concerns have been answered by now. If you’re a cyclist looking to train in the off-season or are a very serious athlete, then maybe a basic stationary bike will do. On the other hand, for those looking for a well-rounded, exciting, and immersive workout, the Lit Bike is the right bike for you.

Lit Bike is affordable, fun, and result-driven. Every class will push you hard and leave you feeling refreshed.