What Foods To Avoid Before Indoor Cycling

It's important to eat before your workout in order to have enough energy and fuel to get the most out of your workout. It's important to eat the right foods as consuming the wrong meal can be detrimental to your workout. After all, the last thing you would want is an upset stomach while you're cycling!
Too Much Dairy
Milk and yogurt can be great options before a workout but avoid eating excess amounts as they can slow you down. This is especially important if you have lactose intolerance, as it can cause stomach upset. Since milk is hydrating and contains electrolytes and energy, it is a better idea to consume dairy after a workout rather than before. You may even consider taking it with lactase enzyme tablets if needed.
Spicy Foods
This is bad news for those of you who love eating spicy foods, but it should be avoided before a workout as it can cause heartburn and stomachache. Spicy foods may be delicious but they can cause problems during the workout. They may trigger abdominal pain and indigestion in some people. They may be satisfying to the tastebuds but should be avoided prior to working out.
Hummus, Flaxseed or Beans
    Beans, flaxseed, and hummus are examples of foods that actually contain high amounts of indigestible carbohydrates that can cause bloating and gas. The culprit of the stomach upset is the fiber bomb contained in these foods. It's recommended to avoid high fiber foods prior to a workout as they can cause bloating. But fiber is indeed great for your health and should certainly be a part of your diet, just maybe not right before you exercise.
    Fried and Greasy Foods
    It may be common sense but please avoid unhealthy fast foods before working out. They may be filling but junk food contains large amounts of slow digesting fats resulting in more blood flow to the digestive system. When you workout, you don't want your heart to be working in overdrive, pumping large volumes to the intestines instead of your muscles so that you can digest your heavy meal. Eat lighter meals before a workout. And of course, fried and greasy foods are not the best for your health in general.
    Alcohol or Carbonated Beverages
    Beer, soda, fizzy water are all examples of drinks that can cause stomach upset and flatulence. But that may be the least of your concerns as they also have a host of other problems. Alcoholic beverages such as beer are a no-go before a workout for obvious reasons, but also because alcohol is a diuretic that can cause to lose hydration and need to frequently urinate. Soda drinks are a concern as they contain high amounts of sugar. Diet versions that claim to be sugar free still contain artificial sweetener which is not the best for your health. Do avoid!