Introducing: Lit Bike, Empower Your Next Revolutionary Workout

Freebeat started a revolution and now it's time to turn your fitness journey into evolution. Meet Lit Bike, our newest product line here at freebeat. Lit Bike made its anticipated launch earlier this week and it encapsulates everything you know and loves about indoor cycling.

Same Concept, But Smarter

The freebeat Lit Bike is equipped with a rotatable HD 22'' touchscreen designed to seamlessly transition from cycling to strength training. Also, it offers hundreds of on-demand classes with just one membership, and the all-access freebeat membership provides household access of up to 10 accounts. However, we have decided to take your workout at home to the next level and the future of indoor cycling just got LIT! Here's what's new:

Swiss Designed and Engineered

Meticulously designed by experts and engineered in Switzerland, the unique wooden flywheel and bike mechanics were built to look clean and elegant. Factors such as aesthetics, durability, stability, safety, resistance, and transparency were taken into account in the design and manufacture with the ultimate attention to detail.

Auto Resistance System

This new feature offers 100 resistance levels with the option of automatic resistance, which automatically connects instructions from the user's on-demand classes and adjusts the resistance based on the instructor's cue. Manual electromagnetic resistance is also available.

Smart Saddle Detection+

Thanks to the unique sensor technology, Lit Bike takes gamified workouts to the next level by detecting users' form of riding. The vertical and horizontal seat adjustment with saddle sensors improves the overall gamified workouts by encouraging users to ride out of the saddle to gain more points. Get ready to capture your movements with unique seat sensors for in and out of saddle detection.

Virtual Oasis Experience

The gamification feature allows users to build a rhythmic flow and follow the beat to compete against friends and family. In addition, the vibe-synced special effects are designed for users to enjoy a minimum of 15 to 30 minutes workout each day with freebeat's world-class instructors in a virtual oasis created just for you.

Early Bird Gets the Best Perks

Currently, we're offering a special launch deal so you can take home the Lit Bike for only $1,299, taking 500 OFF the MSRP of $1,799. In addition, all orders come with a 2-month warranty, a 45-day free membership ($59 value) and a special gift ($123 value). The offer is limited-time only and the launch deal ends on March 1, 2022. Don't miss out!
Find out how you can pay as low as $36.08/mo1 at 0% APR here.