How to Choose the Best Yoga Mat for Your Workout

Choosing the right yoga mat is like choosing the right pajamas for bedtime. You want it to look hella cute but comfy at the same time. Am I right? It's no secret that at freebeat, we have cycling classes and off-bike workouts such as full-body training, sculpting, HITT, and more. So we definitely know a thing or two about how a yoga mat can help you keep your grip in a pose and provide cushioning when you jump back and forth. We're here to help you find the right mat for your workout, and stay tuned until the end of the blog to see our top 3 yoga mats!
Let's start rolling! (No pun intended) Here are a few key factors to help you decide which yoga mat is right for you.

Get a Grip

Grip is always one of the main factors when it comes to choosing the perfect yoga mat for your workout, especially if you tend to sweat while exercising. Some yoga mats made of materials such as polyvinyl chloride may feel slippery when they are new. A tip for reducing the risk of slipping is to get a mat that is non-slip and uses materials such as natural rubber or even a woven yoga mat!

Thickness Matters

The most popular thickness for a yoga mat is ¼ inch as it provides a good balance of cushioning and durability. However, if you shop around, you will find that yoga mats are available in different thicknesses, usually ranging from 2mm to 12mm. If you travel a lot, get a lightweight mat to bring it on the go, but it's not ideal since they are less cushioning for your wrists and knees. If you are looking for extra cushioning, then the 12mm mats can be a good choice with low wear and tear down the road.

Size and Shape

Most mats are between 68 and 71 inches, but if you are tall or prefer the extra workout space, you may want a longer mat for your preference. Rectangular yoga mats are the norm and what you see most, but if you use your mat for other workouts such as HIIT, barre, or Pilates, a round mat may offer more versatility. These mats give you the same padding and grip, but you are not limited to this narrow space.
Bonus! Here are our top picks of yoga mats to elevate your workout.
Thickness: 1.5 cm
Size: 24" x 40"
Material: Natural rubber latex
Price: $29.95
Perfect for: Any floor workout or extra cushioning
Thickness: 3mm
Size: 59"
Material: Natural rubber and microfiber
Price: $120
Perfect for: Cardio or strength training workouts
Thickness: 5/16”
Size: 74"
Material: Natural rubber tapped from rubber trees
Price: $144.95
Perfect for: Pilates, restorative yoga and cross-training
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