Let's Re-CYCLE Together

On May 22, freebeat and its brand partners Swell, stasher jointly held a "let's re-CYCLE" limited-time pop-up event to practice the diversity of sustainable lifestyles.

What can be done if there is only one song time? At the FREEDAY site, everyone can use the time of a song to discover their potential. freebeat™ guests are leading the experience of the xbike.

In spin bike's indoor cycling course, you can have thousands of rhythm points in just 3 minutes. Accurately stepping on the scoring points can continuously combo. The score bonus can make your personal score soar, and you have the opportunity to surpass everyone on the leaderboard in one fell swoop.

The top 3 winners received fashionable environmentally-friendly water cups provided by Swell to provide friends who love sports with another idea of drinking water——Build a plastic-free green Earth as an environmental mission.

Now the world is practicing plastic reduction actions. In order to protect this green Earth, more people and brands have joined the ranks.

Stasher's multifunctional silicone sealed storage bag has attracted everyone's attention. It can withstand high temperatures of 218°C while ensuring food quality. In addition to bulky lunch boxes during daily exercise, the recyclable Stasher bag also provides more choices.

If we have more choices, we have more power to protect the Earth, freebeat™ will always be with you, let's re-CYCLE!