Fasted Cardio: A Complete Guide

1. Does fasting cardio really work? What is fasting cardio?

From the perspective of metabolism, when there is no food digesting within 6–12 hours, we are in an empty stomach state. For instance, in the morning, doing exercise in this state is fasting cardio.

2. Fat burning theory of fasting cardio

When you exercise in the morning after fasting at night, your body fat will be consumed as the main energy of heat consumption. In this case, it will improve the fat burning efficiency while reducing fat.

3. Fasting cardio VS Non-fasting cardio

If your exercise time is less than 60 mins, the fat burning efficiency of fasting cardio will perform better than non-fasting cardio. If your scheduled exercise is more than 60 mins, the differences between fasting cardio and non-fasting cardio are quite inapparent.

  • Digesting enough carbs and protein after fasting cardio will create a better hormonal environment for muscle growth.
  • If you have more visceral fat, or you’re in a state of inactivity, fasted cardio will help with fat burning efficiency.
  • Drinking black coffee before the exercise will still count as fasting cardio.

Indoor Lit Bike cycling is an excellent way for fasting cardio in the morning!

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