Fashion Globe: freebeat - Indoor Cycling Revolution

The Fashion Globe wrote an informative article about immersive fitness content and the future of the industry. They beautifully outline the importance of quality cardio content and how consumers are making the shift from traditional workout routines to personalized, at-home, and immersive fitness classes.

At the top of their list is the Lit Bike, with its massive class library ensured to have enough classes so you'll never get bored. Go see what the Fashion Globe has to say! Read the full article here.

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The Immersive Indoor Cycling Revolution

What is immersive indoor cycling and why it will make you fall back in love with working out.

Do you feel like your workout routine is getting stale? Does it feel more like a chore than something to get your endorphins going. Changing up your workout routine isn’t always easy, though. If you’re working out at home, it can be even harder.

You might be looking for something to get you excited about fitness again. Enter immersive indoor cycling. It’s one of the biggest fitness trends to come out of the pandemic – and it shows no sign of going away.

Every wellness journey is different. You want to tailor your workout routine to you. Everyone is at a different stage in their fitness journey. You might be jumping on a bike for the first time or getting back into fitness postpartum.

Today, though, we’re exploring immersive indoor cycling and how it can help you smash your fitness goals. Who said indoor cycling couldn’t be an adventure?

What is Immersive Indoor Cycling?
Immersive indoor cycling uses screens to create an interactive experience through CGI rides or instructor classes. This new workout has become popular as fitness technology has gradually evolved.

When gyms shut during the pandemic, at-home fitness brands like Peloton saw sales surge as virtual classes replaced in-person sessions. These immersive experiences seek to make your indoor cycling workout more fun.

They incorporate challenges, online lessons, and CGI experiences through the magic of a small screen. What makes home fitness bikes popular is their adaptability. They’re suitable for beginners and more athletic users looking to shake up their workout routine.

Immersive indoor cycling seeks to create a more collective experience from the comfort of your home—you’ll feel like you’re competing in a video game. This, in turn, makes you more likely to hit your workout goals and less likely to find an excuse not to jump on your home fitness bike.

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Making At-Home Workouts More Fun
We all try to squeeze a workout session into our daily schedule. It’s what makes at-home workouts so convenient.Indoor cycling is one of the most popular for its health benefits. It’s a cardio workout to get your legs moving, challenge your muscles, and get your heart pumping.

Crafting your own workout routine means it can often get boring. Staring at the same four walls and doing the same workout can quickly kill your motivation. Your home fitness bike could become a clothes rack instead of your fitness buddy.

Immersive indoor cycling exists to take your at-home workout to the next level. You won’t feel like you’re cycling in your bedroom or spare room.

How a Home Fitness Bike Can Change Your Workout Routine
You might imagine riding through the countryside or the Tour de France when you’re using an indoor cycling bike. In this way, home fitness bikes are perfect for building your confidence in cycling.

Whether you’re a beginner, pro-athlete, or somewhere in between, immersive indoor cycling has something to offer everyone.

Cycling can feel daunting. While not all of us are Lance Armstrong, an indoor cycling bike can make you fall in love with cycling. The true beauty of immersive indoor cycling is that no two workouts ever feel the same. You can choose a workout that fits your mood or that you can slot into your schedule.

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Immersive Indoor Bikes v. Traditional Home Fitness Bikes
Choosing between immersive vs. traditional at-home bikes depends on your individual needs. The greatest difference between the two is the added screen. Most indoor cycling bikes will otherwise be the same.

Traditional home fitness bikes aren’t for everyone. They’re easy to get distracted, and you’ll have to self-motivate yourself to the finish line. Your 30-minute workout could feel like a lifetime. A traditional home fitness bike will require you to create your own workout routine and find a way to entertain yourself.

Immersive indoor cycling will be right up your street if you need extra motivation to work out. Through this, you can take advantage of instructor-led classes and even turn your morning workout into a competition with your friends.

The Indoor Cycling Bikes Making Cycling Fun Again
There are various brands to choose from on the market. While Peloton is the most recognizable, other brands like freebeat and Zwift are expanding the niche. You want to find a brand that works with your budget, fitness goals, and lifestyle.

1- Freebeat
The freebeat LIT Bike gives you access to multicultural instructors with classes that uses special effects to take the immersive experience to the next level. This home fitness bike helps to amplify your workout with a little friendly competition.

Freebeat allows you to fit in bitesize workouts, whether it’s 15 minutes during your lunch break or a 30-minute evening session. It’s a video game and workout rolled into one. Think of it as Wii Sports in real life.

Designed to be affordable, users can access hundreds of on-demand gamified courses under just one membership, making it much more fun to work out against people you know.

2- Peloton
Peloton creates an immersive class experience and is famous for its music-focused workouts. It requires you to have a Peloton membership to access classes, and the bike’s price point puts it at the top of the pricing scale. However, this indoor bike is available for financing.

Most Peloton fans say the instructors and community makes the immersive indoor cycling experience worth the price point.

3- Zwift
Do you already have a home fitness bike? You likely don’t want to pay for a second one. Apps like Zwift are a budget-friendly way to create an immersive indoor cycling experience. You simply need a bike and a smart device.

Stick in your headphones, and you’ll be able to immerse yourself in a cycling adventure. You can explore over 140 routes through 11 worlds, from the streets of a futuristic New York to the glaring heat of the desert.

Jumping into the saddle has never been easier. Immersive indoor cycling will stop you from hitting the ‘snooze’ button and make you fall back in love with working out. How can you make your workout routine feel less stale? Does it include more immersive experiences or something as simple as a ‘no skips’ workout playlist?