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Exercise Bike

Exercise Bike


Our specialists are here to assist with all of your questions and can help you pick the perfect bike for your needs.

before buying an exercise bike, consult from freebeat instructors and experts
Studio Cycling
Led by expert instructors and set to the beat of the hottest tunes, get your heart racing and your body moving.
Sculpting & Stretching
Sculpt and tone your muscles, while simultaneously improving your flexibility and range of motion. With each rep and stretch, you'll feel the beat pulsating through your body.
Rhythm Game
Amplify your workout experience with Rhythm Game! It's the perfect combination of fitness and music. Step to the beat and let loose in our exhilarating music game.
Scenic Ride
With stunning visuals and immersive soundscapes, you'll feel like you're cycling through the mountains, across the beach, and through bustling cities.
Motivational Events
Participate in organized events, earn rewards by achieving goals. Enhance fitness routine, complete tasks, redeem points for cash rewards!
ChatGPT Empowered AI Coach
The world's first ChatGPT Empowered AI coach joins you, offering personalized motivation and real-time coaching to push your boundaries and celebrate achievements.
3D Avatar Leaderboard
Experience the world's first 3D Avatar Leaderboard! See your own and other riders' actions and rankings in real-time. Feel the thrill of being in a cycling studio!
Tour de freebeat
Ready for a world tour without leaving your home? Our new Tour de freebeat feature lets you explore breathtaking cycling routes from around the globe.
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I love this bike
I love this bike because it’s reasonably priced and gives me the convenience of cycling from home instead of having to drive to a gym and do it. This bike has come in handy not only am I using it but my mom has created her own profile and is cycling too so we can both keep track of our goals.
- Matthew
Get this bike!!!! You won't regret it.
Honestly I was a little hesitant to purchase this bike coming from Echelon products and never hearing of the brand before. Online customer experience via chat was extremely helpful. Shipping was really fast, assembly was straightforward. I LOVE the instructors, the class variety, challenges - I've been on my bike daily and am upset I waited so long to find it. Oh, and it's PINK!!!! Yay =)
- KarmaWins
An investment in my health
I can’t compare my bike with any other products in the market, but I can tell you that I did do my research before buying and loved all its awesome features, especially the automatic resistance! I enjoy working out with the coaches and love their music selections. I also participate in the toning and stretching out. Overall well worth it!
- Bernadette Alicea
Old girls can do it too!
I'm a beginner rider and at first the idea of riding was daunting, but this beginner 15 minute class I took this morning made it fun and easy! The instructor was very upbeat and positive and encouraging! I was even able to ride after the class for the additional beats challenge for another 5 to 7 minutes. I'm feeling good I'm now ready to face the day!
- Amy
Everything you need
It's small enough to fit in a bedroom, apartment, etc taking up minimal real estate. It has an area to hold weights. It is exciting, fun, tons of classes, trails for leisure riding and is ever growing challenges and classes for prizes. Who doesn't love an Amazon gift card to incentive a workout. The lights are so fun and the music is great. My whole family loves the bike and the price was affordable compared to other bikes.
- Alexis
The best addition to my home!
I love all of the classes FreeBeat offers!!! Between the new scenic routes and excellent instructors for cycling class or weight lighting and stretching. I am hooked and can’t get enough! They also offer prizes every month for riding!! Also my bike is pink. It’s so beautiful!! I’ve had my bike almost a full year now and I highly recommend this brand!!
- Taylor
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Reviews You Have to See To Believe

freebeat bike Youtube Review Fresh from the Box Review
circle black

Lit Bike Snowpeak White

talk black

"When you've assembled and ridden as many bikes as I have, you start to know a quality build. This thing was just built well! I was impressed and I think it's a model that will last a long time!"

freebeat bike Youtube Review Get Ready for the Boom
circle black

Boom Bike Arctic White

talk black

"You're able to constantly compete against other people, so the gamified experience makes it a little bit more engaging, because we all know how boring it could be to just ride on a bike or run on a treadmill while staring at a wall."

freebeat bike Youtube Review It's All About the Experience
circle beige

Lit Bike Moonbow Beige

talk beige

"Resistance works pretty snappy and the resistance goes pretty darn high and it changes pretty quickly and the bike has a good feel overall. It is a party right away!"

freebeat bike Youtube Review Speaks for Itself

Boom Bike Arctic White

talk black

"Whoa, when you are riding there will be a light that pops up under the bike and it adds a premium element to the bike. I have never seen this with another bike before I think it's a really cool feature!"

freebeat bike Youtube Review A Lit Ride
black circle

Lit Bike Space Black

talk black

"The huge screen and one-on-one lessons feature great instructors from around the world with really cool music! If you're looking for great music and just a great workout, it's fantastic!"

freebeat bike Youtube Review Riding in Style with the Lit Bike
circle pink

Lit Bike Aurora Pink

talk pink

"Great durability and stability, helping create the smooth, consistent pedal stroke that you want. The wood panel is fun I feel like it adds a little bit of extra flair!"



freebeat white exercise bike with app
freebeat app spinning class community
freebeat app indoor cycling performance tracking
Diverse Classes
Experience studio fitness from the comfort of your own home with thousands of on-demand classes to choose from every day.
Connect with the Community
Earn rewards and fame by riding with friends in freebeat fitness challenges, events, and games, discovering who will emerge victorious in the Events.
Performance Tracking
Our sensors won't miss a single pedal and receive instant performance tracking results at every beat.


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