freebeat x Celtics

A Collaboration Redefining Wellness

freebeat's collaboration with the Boston Celtics underscores our unwavering dedication to redefining the fitness landscape by seamlessl yintegrating sports withstate of-the art solutions.

StartX 2024 Cohort

A Milestone in Sport Tech Innovation

freebeat joined in the prestigious Stanford StartX 2024 Cohort, marking a significant milestone in their journey to revolutionize the fitness experience.


Lit Bike Snowpeak White

"When you've assembled and ridden as many bikes as I have, you start to know a quality build. This thing was just built well! I was impressed and I think it's a model that will last a long time!"


Boom Bike Arctic White

"You're able to constantly compete against other people, so the gamified experience makes it a little bit more engaging, because we all know how boring it could be to just ride on a bike or run on a treadmill while staring at a wall."

Connect The Watts

MorphRover 2-In-1 eBike

"I get the indoor cycling classes that provide motivation and allow me to get in some hard training, and at the same time generate power to be later used on some outdoor cruising and travelling around town. Well I think freebeat really hit slam dunk here and I highly recommend checking it out."


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