See Why Newsanyway LOVES freebeat!

freebeat was featured in Newsanyway's fitness section this August! The online publication analyzed the Lit Bike inside and out and reviewed all of its specs. They concluded the Lit Bike is a wonderful bike, has amazing features, and overall is a value-filled product. For the full article and all the details, continue reading here!

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freebeat Lit Bike: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know

If you’re like the masses of people seeking a gym-alternative workout, you may want to add freebeat to your list of options. To join the growing cardio collective, an upfront fee of $1,699 is necessary (monthly payments are available) – a stark contrast to freebeat’s closest substitutes, which charge over $2,000 for a similar product. In addition to the sticker price, a monthly membership fee of $39 is required to enjoy freebeat’s on-demand library of cardio and strength training classes. Luckily, the first 45-days are free when you purchase from their official site. Those who take multiple classes a week may find freebeat to be of huge financial value in as little as a few months.

Purchasing an indoor cycling bike is overwhelming. For starters, they’re a huge investment. Will I stick with it? Do I need all the classes they’re offering? Are they offering enough? The many concerns you have may be trumped by the options available, such as freebeat, Peloton, NordicTrack, SoulCycle, and so on – how do you know which one is right for you? After assessing tons of exercise bikes, motivational coaches, and tech and hardware breakdowns, we’ve concluded that if you’re considering freebeat and all its perks, we give the green light to purchase one.

Since freebeat’s emergence only one year ago, they’ve already proved their worth by delivering two outstanding exercise bikes- the xBike and Lit Bike. xBike is their introductory model, while Lit Bike is their premium indoor cycling machine. We gave the Lit Bike an extensive review to assess its quality, value, and performance – here’s what we found.

Right off the bat, the Lit Bike is compellingly well designed and very sleek. Up until the writing of this article, the bike was available in two colors, pink and black. As of now, and to our liking, freebeat has produced two additional colors – white and beige. For those unaware, this is the first exercise bike of its kind to be available in various colors. A huge step towards breaking the norm of the ubiquitous matte black exercise equipment – adding personality and character to your home workout setup.


Lit Bike


Aside from the sleek aesthetics of the Lit Bike, the usability is even more noteworthy. The bikes are extraordinarily user-friendly and require no learning curve to use. No clip-in shoes are required (though they can be installed), so riding with sneakers is fine. The class library is very easy to navigate and sort through 15 and 30-minute class options. Classes have different difficulty levels, instructors, themes, and music – which can all be easily filtered and searched.


The performance and durability of the Lit Bike are right up there with the front-runners of the indoor cycling industry. Lit Bikes come standard with the following features:

-Swiss designed and engineered with the ultimate attention to detail, delivering a sleek and powerful ride.

-Auto Resistance System adjusts the bike’s resistance to match the instructor’s cue. Allowing riders to focus more on riding and less on adjusting the settings.

-Smart Saddle Detection+ seat sensor, which senses when you’re riding in or out of the saddle, and rewards you points for your hard work.

-22″ Rotatable HD Touchscreen is glare-free, fingerprint-free, and fully rotatable. Rotate it around for immersive off-bike workouts or easy storage.

What distinguishes freebeat from other indoor cycling brands is their gamified classes. The classes add elements of excitement, difficulty, and fun to cardio workouts. Rather than just following an instructor as they call out commands, you’re riding on beat with the music and being rewarded with points for your rhythm. The classes are centered around music, and the professional instructors guide you to ensure you have perfect form and riding technique. After your class, you’ll see how you rank on the leaderboard. Every class has its own leaderboard and encourages players to “battle” each other for the highest score. If you lack motivation, then going head-to-head with someone might be the thing to get you moving.

Every month freebeat uploads new games and challenges for its members to participate in. Every event is unique with challenges ranging from comparing high scores, day-streaks, combo scores, and more. Winners of the challenges receive prizes such as gift cards or discounts on their membership fees. It’s a great way to bring the community together to promote comradery and friendly competitions.


Lit Bike


A freebeat membership includes up to 10 accounts, so sharing it amongst your family is a breeze. Every account stores each rider’s data separately, so you can easily pick up where you left off. In addition to the indoor cycling classes, the membership includes off-bike HIIT, stretching, and sculpting classes. Unfortunately, you cannot use other memberships with your Lit Bike and cannot use the freebeat membership with other exercise bikes.

Lastly, let’s talk about the installation. If you’ve ordered any furniture or appliances online, then installing a Lit Bike is no different. The box is huge (and heavy), but it’s what you’d expect. After removing everything from the box, it’ll take about 20 minutes to assemble fully. Conveniently, there are wheels in the front of the bike which makes transporting rooms fairly easy. It’s recommended to always put a yoga mat or rug under the bike to reduce noise and scratches on the floor. Also, the power cord is quite long so the bike won’t be crammed against the wall or any furniture.

For the price, features, and experience, there’s absolutely no way you can go wrong with freebeat. The bikes are reliable, professional, fun, and easy to use. Moreover, they are an incredible cardio workout. It’s a no-nonsense, performance-driven bike that will help you achieve your fitness goals.