Make the Most of Your Workout: 5 Tips

Working out is hard. It takes dedication, pain, tons of effort, and aching muscles. Exercising if you're not in the mood, tired, or distracted can lead to a wasted workout or possible injury. Our rockstar instructors are always full of energy and motivation to guide you to achieve all your fitness goals. We hope that with the instructors, you can find all the fulfillment you need - even if it's only a short cardio class! We put together a few tips so you can get the most out of your workout!

1. Stretch Before and After Workouts
Stretching before and after a workout is a must. Before any type of exercise, dynamic stretching helps prepare your muscles, ligaments, tendons, and joints by loosing them up for your workout. This will increase your flexibility, thus helping your performance. Similarly, stretching after your workout helps reduce the accumulation of lactic acid throughout your body. In other words, it relaxes your muscles and will limit the strain on muscles and joints, leading to better flexibility and toned muscles!

2. Drink Plenty of Water
You've heard it a millions times already - we know. But on average, people still drink way less water than is advised for their body weight. Dehydration leads to dizzyness, cramps, and increased body temperature and heart rate. A good trick is to drink one ounce of water for every pound you weigh!

3. No Phone or TV
Nothing is worse than losing your focus by getting a phone call or text. We've all been there - getting distracted at work, in school, or while exercising and unable to get back in the zone. In order to maximize your workout performance, it's imperative to give it your undivided attention. Not only will this benefit your physical results, but it will help your mental health find a healthy break from the stress work and life gives us. Find your escape and turn off your phone for 30 minutes!

4. Schedule Your Workouts
Everyone operates differently. Some like to plan out their next week, or even month, while others prefer to play it by ear. When it comes to working out, having a game plan is extremely important and will directly impact your results. Our bodies are creatures of habits, so getting in the habit of working out at the same time every day will help your body prepare for the workout and recovery. Write it down or set a reminder, don't break the routine!

5. Pre-Workout Meals
A common misconception is that working out on an empty stomach will lead to better results. It may lead to increased weight loss, but working out after eating will give you more energy and improve your performance. Eating light and protein rich foods 30-minutes before your workout is great - things like fruit smoothies, yogurt parfaits, bananas, oats, or whole grain bread will boost your energy and make you feel great!