Lit Bike x Klarna Featured on Grazia Obsessions!

Lit Bike x Klarna provides a refreshing take on at-home exercise bikes. The Pink Bike comes fully loaded with incredible performance-boosting features while maintaining sleek and modern looks. The endless class library is stocked with a diverse selection of classes led by supportive and encouraging instructors.

Lit Bike x Klarna is featured on Grazia Obsessions showcasing its versatile features and convenience. The feeling of having a professional gym, world-class instructors, and real-time workout metrics all in the comfort of your own home!

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    Wellness: freebeat Lit Bike x Klarna

    What’s great about freebeat is that I can shake up my workout routine by switching between HIIT classes, cross-training, or a cardio-packed ride to give some variety to each session. And thanks to the luxe features of the Lit Bike x Klarna, including Smart Saddle Detection+ which senses when I’m riding in or out of the saddle, a 22-inch rotatable touchscreen display, and real time workout metrics, it gives the feel of a professional gym all in the comfort of my home. Doesn’t get better than that!