Join Our 21-Day Beat Bootcamp Fitness Challenge!

Hello, March 2022! Here we are settling into the new year and making new highlights with our freebeat community. March is an exciting is in the air, spring is coming and all the good resolutions of the month are really sinking into the fitness goals. As for us, we've released our freebeat x Klarna Limited Edition Lit Bike this month to celebrate PINK!, the color of universal love of oneself and others. Limited to just 100 bikes, it's made to impress and it's made for YOU. That's why we'd like to invite you to join our 21-day Beat Boot Camp on our blog today to find out how you can work out to win big prizes!

The Workout Challenge

    The freebeat x Klarna Limited Edition Lit Bike comes with a special pink envelope in the package that includes an exclusive invitation to the effective but fun 21-day Beat Boot Camp. The 21-day fitness challenge motivates users to master the game and work on their next achievement. To take part in this challenge, users must complete at least one 15-minute consecutive class for 21 days in each freebeat on-demand cycling course. By completing the challenge, users will be rewarded with big prizes, and we encourage users to share their 21-day journey on social media to win even more prizes!

    HIIT Me Up!

    Below is a sneak peek of what a workout might look like during the 21-day fitness challenge.
    Warm Up: A 5 minute stretching drill of your choice
    Class Type: Chill Vibe Ride
    Level: Beginner
    Music Genre: Pop
    Goal: High Intensity Training
    Time: 15 minutes
    Calories: 187
    Equipment: freebeat x Klarna Limited Edition Lit Bik
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      What's New?

      The Swiss designed and engineered freebeat x Klarna Limited Edition Lit Bike is equipped with a rotatable HD 22'' touchscreen that allows users to seamlessly transition from cycling to strength training in seconds. Redesigned smart features such as the 'Auto Resistance System' offer 100 levels of resistance and automatically connect instructions from the user's on-demand classes. It also provides the user with a virtual oasis to build a rhythmic flow and follow the beat to compete against friends and family with the Gamification System. Moreover, thanks to the 'Smart Saddle Detection+', the unique sensor technology detects the user's riding style for more precise accuracy on the beat.


      • Swiss Designed and Engineered
      • Meticulously designed by experts with the ultimate attention to detail
      • Exceptional Crossover Collaboration
      • Embrace the playfulness and bright your room with Limited edition Klarna pink aesthetics
      • Smart Saddle Detection+
      • Capture your movements with unique seat sensors for in and out of saddle
      • Auto Resistance System
      • Automatically adjust your resistance based on the instructor’s recommendation
      • Rotatable 22" HD Touchscreen
      • Rotate your screen in any direction for cross-training workouts off the bike

      Limited Time ONLY

      Limited Edition. 100 Bikes Only. DON'T MISS OUT!!!