Maximizing Your freebeat Ebike's Potential: A Guide to Unlocking Higher Speeds

freebeat ebike top speed

Understanding Ebike Classes

Welcome to the exciting world of Freebeat electric bikes! Before we dive into unlocking the full potential of your ebike, let's understand the different classes of ebikes: Class 1 (pedal-assist only, max speed 20 mph), Class 2 (includes a throttle, max speed 20 mph), and Class 3 (pedal-assist, max speed 28 mph).

freebeat's High-Performance Ebikes

Freebeat offers advanced electric bikes that combine style, efficiency, and speed, designed for an exhilarating experience while ensuring safety and regulatory compliance.

Electric Bike Laws By State

Electric bicycle laws vary by state and can be complex. We highly recommend that you check your state’s specific policies here: PeopleForBikes State by State Electric Bike Laws.

How to Unlock Your freebeat Ebike's Top Speed

Follow these steps to safely unlock higher speeds on your freebeat ebike
make sure your motheboard version and display version are the latest.
1. Connect your bike to access the bike information page. Quickly tap the Max Speed section 5 times to navigate to the Unlock Page
*To reset the max speed back to 20mph, simply press the Max Speed section again and select the reset button.

Safety and Legal Compliance

Modifying your ebike's speed means responsibility. Always check local laws regarding ebike usage, especially when using higher speeds. Prioritize safety – wear appropriate gear and be mindful of your surroundings.

Benefits of Enhanced Speed

Enjoy faster travel, the thrill of the ride, efficient commuting, and exploring further with freebeat's high-speed ebikes.


Modifying your freebeat ebike may affect its warranty and legal classification. You're responsible for ensuring compliance with all local laws and regulations. freebeat is not liable for any legal issues or damages from ebike modifications. Prioritize safety and legal compliance.

Ride Responsibly

Enjoy the increased speed and performance of your freebeat ebike responsibly. Adhere to local laws and prioritize safety for a positive experience for everyone on the road.