5 Valuable Tips to Save Money on Workout Clothes

If you're anything like me, I love my leggings and baggy t-shirts even when I'm not working out. But you may be wondering, "how the heck can I save money on workout clothes?" Exercising is an important part of any daily routine and being active means making sure that your body is always prepared for the next challenge. If you're exercising correctly, you need suitable gears, and even simple movements such as stretching and cooling down exercises require you to wear the proper workout gear. I mean, health is wealth after all, right? Whether you're in the market for workout clothes or on a budget, here are 5 valuable tips to help you save money on the workout gear you need.

Shop Quality For Cheap

You need workout clothes that can withstand stretching and repeated washing if you exercise regularly. Don't result in the cheapest brands you can find just to see your clothes slowly fall apart after a few washes. Then, you'd have to buy new ones. What a bummer! So why not spend a bit more and get high-quality clothes that last for years? Yes, it hurts your wallet at first, but you can shop at discount stores like Nordstorm, Marshalls, or Kohl's and use discounted promo codes online. Always look for coupons... Most of the time, the brands offer a discount to new customers. Yay!

Don't Be Blinded by Brand Names

Is a well-known clothing brand really necessary in your workout wear, or is paying a premium price for a logo on these new leggings going to contribute to your fitness goals? People often make the mistake of thinking "a recognizable name has to mean good clothing." Some name brands are good at what they do, like Lululemon but some don't at the same time. Start paying attention to how people rate a particular athletic clothing line or piece online. In this way, you can get an idea of whether the clothes live up to your expectations or it's all for show.

Repurpose and Slowly Build Up Your Wardrobe

Don't be tempted to go all out on a shopping spree and add everything you find cute to your cart. There's a risk that you won't be wearing everything you buy every day. The trend is changing at lightning speed, and you'll never be able to catch up in one day. Avoid explaining to your husband or wife (If you have one) why you're buying your entire workout wardrobe in one day!? It's smart to buy one or two outfits and slowly build up your wardrobe so it will still have the same excitement when you get it. Also, don't forget to show your old workout clothes some love! You loved them at some point, didn't you?

The Material Really Matters

If you have been shopping without looking at the material of the clothes, stop right away and listen to me! The type of material or fabric determines whether the clothes are worth the money or not. However, this is not the only factor in saving money on workout clothes. If the clothes are made of 100% cotton, they can shrink unless they are indicated pre-shrunk on the label. If you are in a store, carefully inspect how well the clothes are made before you buy. Try to pay attention to the seams and thickness of the fabric. When ordering online, don't forget to read the return policy before you buy otherwise, you could end up with clothes you never wear or can't return.

Treat Yourself During Holidays

Buying at certain times of the year can increase your chances of finding bargains in exercise clothing. During Black Friday and the holiday season, you can combine generous coupons and flash sales to get good deals. Here's a little self-promo! ;) We're currently running an MLK holiday sale, and you can get the xbike for $650 OFF plus FREE SHIPPING to the US. Remember to shop smart and look out for deals!