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freebeat is featured in the May '22 Showfields Pop-Up event in NYC. The article "Freebeat Lit Bike Debut Rebirth Pop-Up in Showfields, NYC" was featured in large publications such as Yahoo Finance, Yahoo Sports, Digital Journal, Markets Insider, Google News Network, and many more sharing all the wonderful specifications of Lit Bike x Klarna as well as event details.


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freebeat Lit Bike Debut Rebirth Pop-Up in Showfields, NYC

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / May 27, 2022 / This May, freebeat is launching their very first pop-up event in Showfields, Noho, New York. Showfields' Rebirth pop-up showcases freebeat's newest product, Lit Bike x Klarna. Rebirth shines light on industry pioneers and innovators, emphasizing how new ideas will lead us towards an empowered, flourishing life.

Alongside hundreds of inventive, industry leading products, hop on the Lit Bike x Klarna for a free immersive test ride. Be sure to check out freebeat's four-months-long exhibition at Showfields, as well as the dozens of other brilliant vendors and progressive products. Admission is free for all. For more information follow freebeat's social media for updates and news (link at end of the article).

freebeat has been making waves in the home-exercise market since their emergence. A start-up which prioritizes health, self-care and community building, freebeat offers a new perspective on how indoor cycling bikes are perceived. Self expression is a fundamental aspect of their gamified workouts - be yourself, flow with the music, and moreover, have fun. freebeat's innovative approach to deriving from the classic indoor exercise bike has reshaped the future of indoor-cycling.

freebeat's product line consists of three industry leading bikes, Lit Bike Classic Edition, Lit Bike x Klarna Edition, and xbike. The bikes include market differentiating features aimed to inspire riders to enter an "oasis", a stress free zone unique to their own. Let's take a deeper look at freebeat's Lit Bike x Klarna Edition, otherwise known as The Pink Bike.

All the same great features as Lit Bike, the Pink Bike is equipped with premium design and features. Pink Bike's sleek look was carefully engineered & designed by a team of specialists and experts in Switzerland. Clean and elegant looks, with industry surpassing aesthetics, safety, and durability.
Get recognition for all your hard work as the unique seat sensor, Smart Saddle Detection+, detects whether you're riding in or out of the saddle. In the comfort of your home, push to your highest limits and gain the most points and combos in gamified workouts.

Never worry about manually adjusting the resistance. Industry leading electromagnetic resistance technology, the Auto-Resistance System, automatically adjusts based on the instructor's cue, making for a smoother ride all together. Channel your energy where it matters most, self-care and progress.

The Pink Bike comes standard with a HD 22" rotatable touchscreen display, loaded with hundreds of on-demand gamified workouts with just one membership. Engage with professional instructors and seamlessly transition from cycling to HIIT workouts to satisfy all your exercise cravings.

Lit Bike x Klarna is way more than a solo ride. Be guided by professional instructors and compete with friends and family for the highest score. Never feel cramped by time as 15 to 30 minute courses fit into all of our busy schedules. freebeat revolves around community, and believes in an inclusive future. Diverse instructors, a supportive environment, and the freedom to work out on your own time has prompted us to rethink the way we view exercising.

freebeat believes in integrating motivations and inspiring a wholesome lifestyle for everyone across the globe. Making all their bikes at an affordable price, the company aims to create an accessible, wholesome, stress-relieving zone. Keeping community in mind, freebeat donates $1 to CURE Childhood Cancer and the Children's Tumor Foundation for every bike sold.

End your ride on a high note, a feeling of accomplishment and awakening. Lit Bike x Klarna is for all!

freebeat will be inviting brand influencers to attend the event, don't miss the opportunity to meet your favorite freebeat star! Stay up to date with all announcements by following freebeat's instagram account, @freebeatfit. Tag them on instagram for a chance to win awesome prizes and giveaways!

11 Bond Street
New York, NY 10012

May 20th - September 19th

Monday - Sunday 12pm - 7pm