Introducing the Boom Bike! Bring the cardio party home!

The Cardio Party Just Got Smaller

Our all-new Boom Bike is here! We're super excited to announce the launch of our fully re-designed indoor cycling bike. The Boom Bike is equipped with tons of the same great features as our best-selling Lit Bike - but in a smaller and compact size! Experience the most immersive cycling journey and have fun doing it!

More Power, Less Space

Boom Bike Arctic White

Bring the cardio party home on a more compact bike than ever before. Smaller than a yoga mat, the Boom Bike transforms any space into your fitness oasis. Maximize every cardio workout while minimizing the footprint - set forth and let loose!

Dynamic Lightstrips

Boom Bike Mist Grey
The Boom Bike is designed with work and play in mind. Our all-new LED Dynamic Lighstrip technology syncs with your rhythm and presents an LED light show as you ride. Feel your senses come to life as you become surrounded by nothing but motivation. Dim the lights and turn the Boom Bike up - let's ride!