What You Should Know Before Buying an Indoor Bike

So you've decided to finally get an indoor exercise bike. But there are so many options out there, it can be too overwhelming to decide. What do you look for? Well here are some things you should know before buying an indoor bike!

1. The Must-Have Features

A good bike starts with some of these must-have basic features. When you are on the lookout for a bike, make sure you find one that is designed with comfort, safety, and versatility in mind. To list a few of these features, your bike should offer multiple levels of resistance to challenge yourself with. It should also have a heavy-duty flywheel, at minimum 32 pounds so you can feel like riding a real bike. A great bike starts with comfort so make sure it has adjustable seats, pedals, and handlebars. It should have a heart rate sensor to monitor your workout as well as an interactive console that provides instant feedback. And to facilitate a risk-free purchasing experience, consider the warranty duration, return policy, and if there is a money-back guarantee.

2. Safety, Versatility, and a Well-Designed Workout Machine!

Safety is paramount. A well-designed bike has various safety features so be on the lookout for them. You also want to look at the general design of the machine. Is it made with high quality materials such as a heavy duty metal frame? Does it include a place to hold your water, so that you can have your exercise juice within reach? Stability and dimensions of the bike should also be considered in terms of how it will fit in your home. For portability, getting a bike with transport wheels will be very convenient. You also want a machine that is versatile, capable of being adjusted and customized to your liking and to various different styles of workouts.

3. Console Interface and Display

The technology that comes with indoor bikes has come a long way. We live in the age of screens, and stationary bikes are the latest to come with smart features and interactive displays. Ease of use starts with interfaces that have good user design and can be easily read. The LCD display also provides a more interactive experience as you cycle, where you can feel connected with a virtual class or share your workout with friends. Having an interactive console can really serve to increase one's enjoyment of and motivation to cycle!

4. Type of Stationary Bike - Upright vs Recumbent

We get it, it can be quite overwhelming deciding what kind of bike to get. There are way too many different types of indoor bikes out there! Let's go over two of the main ones. The upright stationary bike is your typical bike for spin classes. As you would expect, the user is upright with a slight forward lean on the handlebars. These are the most popular type of indoor bike and make for a great workout machine. Another type of indoor bike is the recumbent stationary bike where the user is sitting in a more laid-back posture on a seat with back support instead of handlebars. This design can be more accommodating to all kinds of body shapes and experience levels.

5. Comfort, Adjustability, and Ease of Use

When it comes to bike riding, comfort is key. Make sure the bike you get has adjustable seats and handlebars, resistance levels, and is ergonomically designed. The pedals should have properly fitted toe straps and appropriate height for your legs. Ease of use and customization is also a must. And make sure that the seat and handlebar style and design is comfortable. After all, you don't want to be walking away from each spin lesson with a butt ache because of an uncomfortable seat!