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Just this week, our newly launched Boom Bike was given an awesome review from Madison Graph's lifestyle editor, Dennis Keller. He states that the Boom Bike is one of the best indoor exercise bikes on the market, and has almost all the benefits you can ever demand.  Check out the full article here!

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freebeat Boom Bike: An Immersive Home Workout Experience

freebeat Boom Bike: An Immersive Home Workout Experience

What is a freebeat bike?​

If you’re looking around for a high-quality stationary bike to use at home, then the freebeat Boom Bike is right for you. Their fitness classes have taken the home workout scene to a new level: eliminating the need to go to the gym for a workout by providing a session perfectly geared towards your ability (and competitiveness)! With hundreds of five-star reviews, freebeat is considered one of the best in-home exercise brands on the market. ​

Introducing the Boom Bike​

Just late last month, freebeat was excited to launch their brand new Boom Bike. It comes with unique, fun, and cool new features, such as LED dynamic light strips that adapt to the rhythm of the music and change colors as you ride.​

The Boom Bike experience is fantastic if you’re looking to get it from the comfort of your own home or if you’ve tried the odd indoor cycling class before and want to dive deeper into the culture. It’s built to challenge experienced cyclists as well as welcome those with no history of indoor cycling.​

Included with the bike is a 16″ touchscreen, which is glare-free, fingerprint-free, and fully rotatable. You’ll be able to access instructors and on-demand classes with a monthly membership of $39 (after a free 45-day trial). The subscription gives you access to a wide variety of classes, providing workouts with different genres of music, different levels of expertise, and different styles from the instructors. Plus, you’ll be able to create up to 10 accounts on one membership, perfect for sharing with friends and family. ​
freebeat Boom Bike: An Immersive Home Workout Experience

Fairly Compact

The Boom Bike is a premium piece of equipment that offers an optimum workout experience without taking up a huge chunk of your living space. The design of the bike is sleek, and it’s clear the company has tried to keep this as compact as possible to minimize the footprint in your home. Smaller than a yoga mat, the Boom Bike could easily fit in a bedroom, studio, large walk-in closet, or home office. Ideal for those limited in space, you can put the bike almost anywhere, and unlike most other stationary bikes, it is very easy to move around. The exact dimensions of the bike are listed below.​

  • Max User Weight: 300lb​
  • Product Net Weight: 79lb​
  • Product Dimensions: 51.5″ x 51.5″ x 24.7″​
  • Flywheel weight: 15.4lb​
  • Screen Size: 15.6″​


Throughout the trial period, the Boom Bike has worked flawlessly. It provides top-notch workouts and is challenging yet rewarding for all levels of users. It’s designed to push you harder, and the whole experience does just that.​

The tablet-like screen works well, too. You can easily find your workouts on the big screen, and slide into an entertaining experience whether you’re a casual rider or an avid athlete. The touchscreen is one of the bike’s most loved features because it offers such a wide variety, setting it apart from other home-workout bikes.​

Unlike some rival gym equipment, there’s a clear premium look to this device and it’s likely something you’ll want to show of in your home rather than hide away in a closed room.​

Is it Worth it?​

The freebeat Boom Bike is an investment at $1299, but the current launch sale is a super good deal- you’re getting almost 50% off the original price! You can also set up a monthly payment plan with Klarna for as low as $22.19 at 0% APR which is really nice. But, you will have to pay the monthly membership cost on top of that, so just keep that in mind. Still, it’s way less expensive than paying for a membership at a nice gym and signing up for cycling classes.​

Final Thoughts​

There’s no question that the freebeat Boom Bike is one of the best indoor exercise bikes on the market. We love how it offers a smooth ride, top instructors, and rich content covering a broad spectrum of listening preferences, fitness levels, and riding needs.​

Though attending in-person classes and going to the gym or a cycling studio has its benefits, you will love being able to work out at any time of the day. It allows you to enjoy the flexibility of on-demand classes to suit your desired length of workout time. The bike is also easy to alter to your liking. It’s comfortable to ride for long periods of time, and during our review period, we found it durable with no quality or equipment issues as a whole.​

It has almost all the benefits you can ever demand, not only for cycling but for all-in-one workout convenience from the comfort of your home. We hope this freebeat Boom Bike review helped you to decide if it is right for you.​

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