5 Reasons Why You Should Try Indoor Cycling

Are you ready to get your hot girl summer body? Indoor cycling has boomed in the last two years due to the worldwide lockdown from the pandemic, leaving people with no choice but to exercise in their own homes. However, if you're not one of those folks who hopped on the wagon early or are interested in the benefits of indoor cycling, we've put together the top 5 reasons you should try indoor cycling. It's time to break a sweat because summer is only two months away. Shocker! Continue reading for everything you need to know about how indoor cycling will do your body and mind some serious good.

Bad Weather? Not in My House!

As mentioned earlier, indoor cycling is a great way to work out in the comfort of your home. No matter what's going on outside or in the world, your indoor cycling bike will always be accessible anytime you want to bring your sweat on. Besides, what's a better way to keep a consistent workout schedule that is not affected by the bad weather conditions, and actually, you can hold yourself accountable this time around? We're speaking about adulting, baby. So put on your big girl pants, and let's go!

Beginner, Expert or...Let's Just Scratch That

Whether you are a beginner or a professional, indoor cycling is for everyone, and when we say for everyone, it's literally for everybody. No matter age, gender, or fitness level, you can easily tailor a workout to your needs. At freebeat, our rockstar instructors will give cues and motivate you throughout the ride so that you can always dial in at your speed. Don't be intimidated! Our instructors are here to help you achieve your best shape by taking you on an easier but very effective workout.

You'll Find Your Oasis

One of the advantages of indoor cycling is that you can easily close your eyes and get lost in the ride. Time passes so quickly that you don't even feel like working out. Anyone who has tried indoor cycling knows that loud music and eclectic lighting will benefit the body, mind, and soul. Freebeat is no different. Our unlimited on-demand classes are immersive, and you'll leave feeling euphoric in a stress-free zone thanks to the crazy endorphins being released.

Did Someone Say Endorphins?

Endorphins are "feel-good chemicals" that we aspire to seek after! Statistics have shown that a high-intensity workout such as indoor cycling creates euphoria, which is good for your overall well-being. Also, no motivation for endorphins is required because our body wants to continue to crave it. Once you've completed your first 15 minutes or 30 minutes of riding, the hardest part is over, and your body will always want to come back for more - which is easier than you think!

It's So Obvious. Your Legs Will Look Amazing!

If you want strong and lean legs, then this is it! Start indoor cycling to strengthen your legs, and you will feel it after every on-demand class. Indoor cycling is a great low-impact workout to get your legs moving and can be an excellent option for people with knee or hip injuries to get strong and stay stronger. If you're a beginner or just need a lighter workout, you can always dial your resistance or pedal with a slower cadence. As you improve your cardiovascular endurance and strength, you'll be able to work harder and get faster results.
Final thought: indoor cycling is definitely a killer cardio workout, and you'll be breaking a sweat in no time. Before you head out, don't forget to check out our social media and join our growing community, so you don't have to work out alone! Our community is coming together online and across the leaderboard, and we'll be there to give you a high-five for all your milestones. Until next time!