Lit Bike: Now Available in White & Beige!

This summer we're excited to announce our new color launch! Our Lit Bike is now available in more colors to compliment your home. Add vibrancy, beauty, and style to every room, and express yourself on and off your bike! Your new favorite color has arrived, find your beat!

Break Boundaries, Simply.

A new color means more beauty. Lit Bike Beige's simple, clean, and natural look adds accent and attitude to every space. Equipped with revolutionary design, energizing effects, top-notch tech, and so much more, the Lit Bike Beige is designed to transform your workout and exceed expectations.

Fitness, In Its Purest Form.

A whole new color to love. Fresh and sleek, the all new Lit Bike White emits sheer power, plain and simple. With all the same outstanding features of the Lit Bike Classic, its classic lines and boldness are distinct yet soft, bringing energizing vibes and peace to wherever you may be. Lighten up your home and day with a vibrant new color.

Full Body Workouts Fueled By Gamified Cardio  

Full body, immersive cardio training. Endless on-demand cycling classes as well as off-bike sculpting, stretching, toning, and strength training classes. Lit Bike frees your mind of distractions and setbacks, while pushing you forward and helping you reach your goals.

All new Lit Bike colors are waiting! Find yours today. Or, let one find you!